“Outcast” has just premiered on television. Critics all agree the show is off to a great start. But is it really better than “The Walking Dead?” Or at least, will it be the fans’ next TV obsession?

“The Walking Dead” and “Outcast” are two very dissimilar shows. One is about zombies. The other is about exorcism. One is an AMC hit show. The other is on Cinemax. One has been on the air for six seasons now. The other has just begun Season 1. However, both shows do share one crucial thing in common. The comic books from which both shows are based on were created by the same writer, Robert Kirkman. But which show is better?

TV reviewer Fred Topel of Rotten Tomatoes seems to think both shows “revolutionized” their respective genres. “Robert Kirkman’s ‘Outcast’ does for exorcism what ‘The Walking Dead’ did for zombies,” his headline read. However, Topel thinks the newer show has a slight one-up since “possession is scarier than zombies.”

Kirkman himself recognized how both “Walking Dead” and “Outcast” really pushed the envelope for comics and TV alike. “No one had really dealt with the long-term exploration of how people would deal with a zombie epidemic before we did ‘The Walking Dead,’ and I feel like this is sort of the same thing. No one has really treated demonic possession like a solvable problem,” he said in an interview with the Rolling Stone. “Maybe it’s something that a community could be proactive in terms of treating, instead of reactive. That’s where the show is eventually going to go. It’s terrifying to think there could be a thing out there that could go inside of you and make you not you. That’s something that we all deal with, to a certain extent.”

You can check out the trailer for “Outcast” below.