“The Walking Dead” Season 6 finale episode left the audience pondering a cliffhanger ending. Since then, there have been numerous rumors attached to it making the rounds.  Everybody wants to know who faced the fury of nemesis Negan’s signature weapon Lucille and who survived the torturous test in the sixth-season ender. Now, here are two more theories that have surfaced on the Internet, presenting a surprising nugget about the catastrophe.

Adding to the excitement of Walking Dead Fans, a Facebook group recently plated up “The Walking Dead” Season 7 spoilers, exposing a list of characters seen around the filming set. Additionally, the social media group also pointed out the people who we last saw facing Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

Season 6 finale showed Rick, Carl, Michonne, Daryl, Glenn, Rosita, Eugene, Aaron, Abe, Sasha and Maggie scared to death and  waiting for the Savior leader to make his first hit using Lucille. Earlier, the fan group had informed the viewers about the crossbow-wielding warrior who has been spotted at the filming area. With these new rumored sightings, it can be expected that Rick, Eugene, Abe, Michonne, Aaron and Daryl are safe, International Business Times reports.

In the graphic comic book by Robert Kirkman, Glenn is the one who will bite the dust. His skull was smashed by the ruthless Savior leader. Judging from these brand-new filming rumors, it looks like his end is near. However, Steven Yeun had previously claimed the TV show may not exactly follow the storyline of the comic book. That puts a big question mark on Glenn’s fatality.

If Yeun is to be believed, then Carl, Sasha, Rosita and Maggie are in immediate threat.  Show runner Kirkman has already teased about “hard times” ahead for the Alexandria Safe-Zone leader post the Negan rage. Going by his words, we can assume that Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his gang will face a real ‘hard time’ if Rick loses his beloved son Carl.

Everything here is just guess work. The truth will only be known after “The Walking Dead” Season 7 premiers.

Filming for Season 7 is ongoing. “The Walking Dead” is expected to return in October.