The Walking Dead season 7 spoilers are coming. Though the highly anticipated Comic Con release of the season 7 trailer was more of a flashback than a flash forward, it did reveal a new setting and characters even more interesting than Negan and the inanimate but equally fearsome Lucille.

First, it rounded up Negan and Lucille’s, the barbed-wire wrapped baseball bat, next victim. That is one of The Walking Dead Season 7 spoilers. Though as far as the show goes, death and being undead is never far away for any of the characters. Even Rick and Daryl are targets for Negan and Lucille’s wrath.

The trailer also revealed a new contained community the group will be heading to. Arriving at the community named The Kingdom, will Rick and the gang find paradise or hell in it? From the trailer, one can see it runs smoothly complete with cultivated vegetation. A self-sustained community, will it be the haven they are looking for or will they face another set of power plays?

Ezekiel is shown welcoming Rick and the group into the Kingdom. However, it seemed his pet tiger and guard, Shiva is not so happy with their appearance at the Kingdom. That roar Shiva unleashes on the trailer rings alarm for the group’s standing in the Kingdom.

Here is a little background into King Ezekiel. Before walkers roamed Earth and destroyed the normal way of things, Ezekiel was a zookeeper who raised Shiva since it was a cub. Developing a strong bond, the two have been together since Shiva’s birth and the zombie infestation.

Aside from being a zookeeper, Ezekiel also has a background in theatre. This accounts for the way he presents himself and the way he structured the community he is now reigning over. Instead of scepter, Ezekiel has a spear.

Hints of the new community was revealed last season. Rick, Morgan and Carol follow an armor-clad rider on a horse before discovering a spear thrust into a walker, Comic Book Resources points out.

From the initial look, it seems the series is trying its best to follow the comic book character of Ezekiel. However, it is too early to tell if the series will stay faithful to the comic book or not. Meanwhile, watch the trailer below and see if you can spot more The Walking Dead season 7 spoilers.