“The Walking Dead”  season 7 is possibly one of the most talked about shows of recent times where the dead rise up and turn humanity into a scruffy skeleton of what it once was.

No wonder TWD’s popularity has attached many spoilers and non spoilers to it regularly. There are even speculation that the seventh season will debut many new characters including, ‘King’ Ezekiel .

Any guesses who matches this charismatic and eccentric role?

Ezekiel or “King” Ezekiel might be introduced in the middle of Season 7. Thus, the fans do not have to wait for long after Negan left his initial skull crater.

According to Cinema Blend, the character of Ezekiel will likely be a mainstay in Season 7 of the thriller series, as Rick and the gang prepare themselves for the “All Out War” story arc from the comic series. Without getting too deep into where Ezekiel’s story goes, we can just say he’s another man-in-charge, and a very amiable one from the Kingdom community.

Kingdom most probably includes those two armor-laden characters who Morgan met in Episodes 15 and 16 of Season 6. In short, Ezekiel will become an important ally to Rick and alike.

King Ezekiel Walking Deadhttp://static.srcdn.com

King Ezekiel Walking Dead

The 3 potent contenders to play Ezekiel  are:

  1. Dave Fennoy

Many of us might identify Fennoy from his voice of Lee Everett in the wildly popular Walking Dead Telltale games series. Look wise, Dave Fennoy resembles Ezekiel!  ComicBook reports ‘Fennoy for Ezekiel’- has received a huge recommendation by fans on Twitter.

King Ezekiel Walking Dead vimeo.com

King Ezekiel Walking Dead Dave Fennoy

  1. Harold Perrineau

He is the one who played Michael Dawson on ABC’s “Lost” but he is best known as Manny on”Constantine”.Perrineau can be a great voice and choice for Ezekiel, provided if fans are willing to accept the Kingdom leader with an English accent. Otherwise Harold  Perrineau matches both confidence and magnetism of Ezekiel as portrayed in the comics book.

King Ezekiel Walking Dead Season 7commons.wikimedia

King Ezekiel Walking Dead Harold Perrineau

  1. Ving Rhames:

Dealing with the zombies won’t be a tough deal to crack for actor Ving Rhames. He had already tried his hands on “Zombie Apocalypse”  in 2011. Thus, Movie Pilot recommends him.

King Ezekiel Walking Dead Season 7vimeo.com

King Ezekiel Walking Dead Ving Rhames

Add to his magnetic allure, Ezekiel too has a tiger named Shiva.  It won’t be wrong to say this little piece of information is enough for the time being to make a whoopee.

Offering a watchtower to the Dead fans, there have been multiple spoilers and rumors making rounds in the circle these days. However, with the approaching premiere, AMC has yet to deliver a series of official promos, teasers, sneak peeks, and posters to fans. These props will help the viewers find out what’s next in the zombie-cryptic land.

“The Walking Dead” returns with season 7 this October.