Daryl Dixon has been a key character in The Walking Dead series.  Although the series has focused on many parts of his life-events, so far, there is no revelation about his love-life. Is he not interested in woman? Or does he have a homosexual orientation? It can also be speculated that Daryl is still a virgin.  If so, can we expect The Walking Dead season 7 will reveal his biggest secret?

Daryl and Carol Connection:

To date, Norman Reedus’ Daryl Dixon has garnered a swathe of female fans but on the series he never got hooked up with anyone. Strange indeed! For Daryl there have been plenty of opportunities. Let’s consider Carol Peletier. The lady’s practically been trying for years. We’ve watched them grow close over the course of the show’s run. On the Walking Dead season 5 they even had a whole episode together as they tried to find Beth where they bonded quite well. As a matter of fact, Carol never misses a chance of flirting with Daryl. Even then they have never seen packed in romance.

Daryl Dixon is gay!

No he is not! A few days back, rumor mill started churning about Daryl’s romantic life and claimed he is homosexual.  Later on, show creator Robert Kirkman refuted such stories.  Now there is a question : if Daryl Dixon doesn’t have any interest in man, why did he never approach any woman on the show?

Daryl the Virgin:

Fan Sided discloses Daryl Dixon is a virgin. Years ago, Reedus mentioned that he plays Daryl as if he is a “total virgin.” This clearly indicates the reality of Daryl Dixon. Being raised in an abusive and broken family Daryl never had a normal childhood.  As he grew up he started to spend his life in the woods where he would have barely got any chance of interacting with any human. Forget about a woman.  The only option he was left with was the zombies. We don’t think it would have been a great idea! That possibly has turned him into a loner.  This justifies his alienating behavior towards women.

At the present, Daryl’s sexuality is still very much a mystery on the horror drama series. Whether or not The Walking Dead season 7 will dig deeper into Daryl Dixon’s story and reveal his biggest secret, is yet to be seen.

The Walking Dead season 7 is premiering Sunday, October 23 at 9|8c on AMC. For more updates stay tuned.