The Walking Dead season 7 premiere promises to be more bloody. Moreover, the identity of Negan and Lucille’s victim could prove truly devastating for fans of the horror drama series.

Actor Ross Marquand who plays Aaron confirmed the death was like losing a beloved family member. He revealed filming for the premiere episode was not fun even for the cast. Hence, the revelation could very well upset fans. Nonetheless, he assured the episode would be great.

Anticipation is rife for the forthcoming Walking Dead season 7 premiere set for October 23. Indeed, fans continue to speculate about who died in the cliffhanger finale. However, the latest spoilers to reveal the identity of Negan’s victims might not sit well with viewers, according to Yahoo.

Based on the sneak peek shared by AMC, Rick has blood splattered on the right side of his face. Negan’s discussion on how important the right hand is raised concern. Hence, some concluded it was Daryl, who met the end of Lucille’s swing. The theory gained a bit of momentum owing to the blanket on the ground. Fans might recall he wore one at the lineup. Then again, are they using the blanket to lead fans astray and make them think he was the victim?

Meanwhile, rumors about Glenn’s death persist mainly because it is what happens in the comic book. However, once again, the sneak peek suggested another possible angle to the victim’s identity. This time around, it took note of the brain and guts piled on the ground. Comic Book suggested the remains might be those of Glenn. Although it could have been Maggie owing to what looked like her ring among the blood and bone fragments. Then again, did she place the ring atop the remains as a poetic gesture? Or could there be more than one death on the Walking Dead season 7 premiere?