“The Walking Dead” Season 6 ended with Negan beating one of the show’s main characters to death. The identity of Negan’s victim has yet to be revealed. But has the finale’s director Greg Nicotero revealed what will happen to him or her in a clip he posted online?

According to Movie Pilot, Nicotero posted a video on Instagram that seems to have shown what becomes of Negan’s victim. The director and special effects guru used compressed air and water to make a dummy’s head explode. Will Negan’s victim suffer the same fate? It is not clear whether the dummy Nicotero used is male or female. However, ComicBook.com warns fans not to “read too much” into the clip. The director did just use a dummy after all.

Crazy exploding head test using compressed air and water instead of fake blood

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Who did Negan choose to kill in the finale? Nicotero earlier admitted they have yet to shoot the finale’s continuation.

“We have not filmed it yet,” Nicotero told The Hollywood Reporter . “And I don’t know if the person knows yet or not…What’s exciting about season seven is how a death — any death — changes people and propels us into a different direction. While we were shooting this episode, I’d never seen the cast more energized and more excited about the future of the show. The fact that the world is our oyster right now is an exciting time for ‘The Walking Dead.’We’re changing the direction of the show and bringing Negan in. It’s a great time. Everyone is so excited to get back to work [next month] to get [to] where we’re going.”

The director also defended the finale from critics who thought the finale was too graphic. “I don’t know if anything is considered too graphic on our show,” he told Hollywood Reporter. “That was obviously planned…it really just puts it in the audience’s head.”