The Walking Dead Season 7 can’t come soon enough for fans. The show’s previous installment ended with a pretty huge cliffhanger. Rick Grimes was about to watch one of his friends die at the hands of the show’s new villain, Negan. But the screen turned to black before we found out who the victim was. Fans are itching for the upcoming season premiere to find out who bit the dust. But should they expect an even bigger twist on the show’s horizon?

The producers of The Walking Dead have gone through great lengths in order to keep the identity of Negan’s victim a secret. They reportedly filmed multiple versions of the premiere episode to prevent story arc leaks. The network has even threatened lawsuits against people sharing possible spoilers online. However, this did not stop fans and reporters alike from speculating about the upcoming season. Some have even begun sharing and speculating about the leaked photos from the set.

According to, some of these leaked photos show fan favorite, Daryl Dixon, “spending a lot of time” with the show’s new Big Bad next season. Some fans think this means Negan spared Daryl’s life and chose to kill someone else.

However, this does not explain why Daryl would be hanging out with Negan as much as the set photos suggest. Cinema Blend has an alternative theory, though. Negan could’ve still killed Daryl. Daryl might only be following Negan around as a ghost. But the show’s producers have yet to confirm this. It is also possible that Negan only took Daryl hostage.

Will Daryl be Negan’s first onscreen kill? Will he really turn into a ghost after and haunt his killer around all season? Or did someone else kick the bucket in his place? Who did Negan really choose to kill? Fans won’t know for sure until the show returns to the small screen.

The Walking Dead Season 7 is set to premiere on AMC this October.