Did Negan really kill Glenn on “The Walking Dead” season 6 finale? Did a fan really uncover a major Walking Dead Season 7 spoiler after watching the last episode again?

According to Movie Pilot, YouTube user BeforeISleepFilms might have found a clue in the episode’s final moments. In his video, he slowed down and brightened the frame just after Negan strikes his victim with Lucille. What did he find? Two rocks. These rocks might look like nothing. But they look “pretty similar” to the rocks that can be seen in front of Glenn in a previous shot.

Did Negan really kill Glenn as he did in the original comics? No word as of yet to confirm this. Meanwhile, director Greg Nicotero earlier said that not even the crew knows which character met his or her end in the finale.  “We have not filmed it yet,” Nicotero told The Hollywood Reporter. “What’s exciting about season seven is how a death — any death — changes people and propels us into a different direction…The world is our oyster right now.”

Meanwhile, fans can now join Walking Dead Season 7 as extras. According to Comic Book, casting directors are looking for “fresh faces” to play walkers on the show. The show is looking for a specific look for its extras. You can only apply if you are 18 and over, and very slim. Walkers are, of course, “emaciated and decayed.” So guys must not have waists larger than 32. Girls should only be size 0-2. The show is also on the look out for large eyes, thin faces, small noses and long slender necks. If you’re interested and you fit the qualifications, you can email your clothing sizes, height, weight, contact info and at least two photos to ECAtvExtras@gmail.com. Applicants should make sure their photos are clear and recent, though.