Viewers are counting down the days before Walking Dead Season 7 officially comes out on television this October. However, several plots and theories are already floating on the Internet. What if Negan would have to fight somebody?

Of course, fans know that Negan will continue his reign as the antagonist. The show introduced him on Season 4, together with his barbed wire-covered baseball bat named Lucille.

But before that, the previous episodes of Walking Dead had the Governor as the main villain. The two have not had a face-to-face encounter. What if they would?

Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan talked about the possibility in Entertainment Weekly. According to the guy who portrays Negan, the Governor will not stand a chance.

“He’s super smart and there’s no filter, no fear. The Governor was a little bit wack. Negan’s got it together,” he said, with a “devilish grin.”

He added that although he loves David Morrissey, he will still win against the other nemesis. However, the fans still need to wait if the two bad guys will have a battle.

On the other hand, other details such as the trailer, along with the introduction of new character, are already available online as well.

First, the preview teaser debuts Ezekiel. The veteran actor Khary Payton will play as the character. According to another Entertainment Weekly article, he is a man who would like to be known as King.

More than that, Ezekiel carries around both a scepter and a pet tiger named Shiva. He runs a new community called the Kingdom. What would his role be on the Walking Dead Season 7?

In the meantime, the upcoming episode might also unfold the cliffhanger question in the previous season: Who did Negan Kill?

As per The Hollywood Reporter, the production team has been doing their best for the answer not to leak on the web. Part of the effort is filming 11 different death scenes, and unless they will edit it, the answer lies when Season 7 comes out.

Stay tuned for more news regarding Walking Dead Season 7 which will air on Oct. 23 on AMC.