“The Walking Dead” season 7 will kick off with a major death which was revealed at the finale of season six, but apparently the killings will not end there.

We all know that Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) killed someone at the finale of season 6. The head of the Saviors chose one member from Rick’s group and beat the person with his baseball bat. For months, the name of the person Negan killed has been the focus of speculations of months.

While the production of season 7 remains closely guarded, some are sneaky enough to sniff information from the set.

Here are some TWD characters that could be Negan’s victim. Warning! The list is based on observation that the characters have not been spotted since the season 7 began filming.

1.Abraham (Michael Cudlitz)

Insiders haven’t seen Michael Cudlitz since the first day of filming. Although there have been some reported sightings of the actor, it has been found out that it was just a fan impersonating Abraham.

Before Negan entered the series, Abraham was shot by Dwighty with a crossbow.

2. Glenn (Steven Yeun)

Another MIA in the set is actor Steven Yeun. However, there were also photos of him together with Norman Reedus and they were commended for helping victims of an accident. It has been noted that the said incident took place right before season 7 started filming.

Glenn is most likely to be dead like his character in the comics who have fallen victim to Lucille. With that in mind, the series crew has done a good job keeping him out of sight.

3. Eugene (Josh McDermitt)

There has been no confirmed sighting of actor Josh McDermitt since the premiere. The character was last seen being captured and returned to his family after he bid farewell to Abraham.

4. Rosita (Christian Serratos)

Design N Trend noted Rosita has similar situation with Eugene except for tearful goodbye. Speculation that she might be the one killed by Negan is purely based on her non-premiere sighting.

However, the first two are more likely candidates of Negan.

“The Walking Dead” has been renewed for a 16-episode seventh season. The series will return on October 11 on AMC.