On The Walking Dead series, if something interests the fans apart from the characters, it is Lucille.  You can call it ‘the deadly bat’ of ruthless Negan. Why did Negan choose such a name for his bat? Well, to date, it is mysterious. Will The Walking Dead Season 7 unveil the history of Lucille in episode 1? Let us learn below.

The Walking Dead season 6 ended with a major cliffhanger, leaving the fans speculate who faced the fury of fatal Lucille. Since Negan played a major character in the previous season, his bat has become one of the most debated topics of the recent time.

Many Dead fans highly speculate that the name Lucille definitely has something to do with Negan’s past involvement with a woman.  That could be a possible reason why we never spot him without his weapon, according to Movie  Pilot.

Although  there is no revelation about Lucille on the show, so far, fans can expect some surprises on the seventh season . “Here’s Negan” is another source providing hints on Lucille’s history. It is the backstory of Negan developed by “The Walking Dead” creator Robert Kirkman early this year. The 12-part backstory series is available in the Image+ Previews catalog Diamond since May.

“Here’s Negan” delves  into the baddie’s history. Not only the series unearths who Negan really was, but also the theories of Lucille. The world will also know how he became the leader of the Saviors.

The first few issues of “Here’s Negan” reveals that he was a tough and rude gym teacher. However, Negan was leading a happy life with his wife who was on the verge of dying due to cancer. Despite his extra-marital affair, he never fell out of love with his wife. In fact, her death was the spark that kicked off the outbreak.

The name of his wife is yet to be known. Thus, there is a huge possibility that her name was Lucille and he uses it as a tribute to her.  If “The Walking Dead” Season 7 partly brings up “Here’s Negan” describing the story behind Lucille, then we might get to see some interesting chapters of Negan’s life.

The Walking Dead Season 7 premieres in October 2016 on AMC.