“The Walking Dead” is set to return to the small screen before the year ends. But will the show’s upcoming installment really be its last? Will the series really end after Season 7?

Some fans were not entirely happy when the showrunners of this AMC hit decided to end Season 6 with another cliffhanger. The series built up suspense around Negan all season. Fans were really hyped when he finally showed up in the finale. But the show cut to black before revealing who Negan’s first victim was. Was the network equally disappointed with what happened? Did this story decision cost the series the possibility of future seasons?

In an interview with Digital Spy, series producer Greg Nicotero denied rumors that “The Walking Dead” has been cancelled. In fact, he said, they can “keep it going for as long as [they] want it go on.”

Nicotero thinks the best is yet to come for their show. “This is going to be a really exciting season,” he added. “There’s some great stuff coming up and the scripts are awesome.” He also assured fans that the network will not cancel the series since it “continues to elicit emotion from the viewers.”

Nicotero said the show’s survival has always depended on his team’s hard work.  “I love that we show up for work every day as if it was our first day on the job,” he explained. “That level of commitment from the cast and crew keeps the spirit of the show alive… as long as that stays alive then we can keep it going for as long as we want it to go on.”

Meanwhile, an old “The Walking Dead” star is set to drop by Star City for “Arrow” Season 5. According to IGN, Chad L. Coleman will join the DC series as a villain called  Tobias Church. His character might just be a force to be reckoned with next season. Church is known to be “an imposing gangster looking to unite the various criminal enterprises in Star City under his own singular command.”

“The Walking Dead” season 7 will premiere on AMC this October.