“The Walking Dead” could turn out to be a game of “wait and see” if the brutal revelations shared by the series creator turn out to be true.

Robert Kirkman answered a fan’s question at the recent Hawaii Comic Con about who would die next on “The Walking Dead,” Cinema Blend reported. However, his response might have been too strong for comfort, the publication noted.

“Rick, Carl, Michonne. In the show, Daryl Dixon, eventually Abraham, Rosita. Rosita’s already dead in the comics. Jesus,” Kirkman told a young fan at the event. Although he didn’t indicate a specific timeline for when the characters die, it remains an unnerving thought especially for many who watched the season 6 finale.

Among the characters mentioned by Kirkman, the publication surmised Rick, Carl, and Jesus as the likely survivors. However, that still leaves many others to choose from as Negan and Lucille’s victim.

This wouldn’t be the first time that Kirkman strung along TWD enthusiasts with his statements, Movie Pilot noted. The publication noted his on and off apology for the season 6 ending followed by his pronouncement of Rick’s death. If his intention was to keep people talking about the show, then he’s certainly succeeded.

Movie Fone revealed the production is busy shooting episode 3 of the 16 episodes for season 3’s premiere in October. Hence, it’s likely the identity of who died is already sealed in a can, the publication surmised.

The secrecy surrounding the show led to speculations the “The Walking Dead” has gone into “stealth mode.” The publication made this remark due to the greater number of scenes shot inside the studio. It would appear that Daryl Dixon (played by Norman Reedus) survived Lucille’s ire at the finale of season 6, Design & Trend reported. The publication cited the recent post from The Spoiling Dead Fans. The series’ super sleuths revealed the actors who play Daryl, Dwight, and Negan were filming at the studio.

It would seem that Negan and the Saviors abducted Daryl earlier, the Inquisitr posited based from the TSDF post. Moreover, the car chase filmed a few days later would suggest his attempt to escape.

In contrast, Abraham doesn’t appear to be as lucky as Daryl. Celebrity Dirty Laundry cited information from a set insider who spoke to the National Enquirer. “Abraham is the biggest guy in the group. Negan taking him out sends a huge message to Rick and everyone else,” the insider revealed.