Season 6 of “The Walking Dead” ended with a pretty huge cliffhanger. Fans are already anxious to see the next episode to find out who Negan ended up killing in the finale. But the final Season 6 episode left a more pressing question unanswered. What becomes of Maggie and her baby in Walking Dead Season 7?

Maggie’s illness was partly to blame for what happened in the finale. In that last episode, her condition made the group move toward Hilltop, where they were eventually cornered by Negan and the Saviors. However, what happens to Maggie was not exactly revealed. According to IGN, Walking Dead Season 7 will deal with Maggie’s still unnamed condition. “I don’t want to say exactly what it is, but the exact diagnosis will be shared, one way or another. We’ll find out one way or another what happened,” showrunner Scott M. Gimple told IGN.

Did Maggie just get a miscarriage? Or is she suffering from an entirely different illness? No word as of yet to confirm these theories. However, according to Movie Pilot, fans themselves have already begun speculating what it is Maggie was suffering from.

Some fans believe Maggie was experiencing “extreme sympathy pains.” This might make sense, considering her husband, Glenn, was Negan’s victim in the comic books. Others, meanwhile, think she was poisoned by Enid. Fans might recall that Enid gave Maggie pickles to eat in Season 5. Could they have been poisoned to kill Maggie’s unborn baby? Some fans seem to think so. Yet others think Maggie’s baby might actually be a walker. And she has gotten sick because the “zombie fetus” might be eating its way out. However, these theories, although plausible, remain unconfirmed. Fans will have to wait for Season 7 to find out.

“The Walking Dead” will return with all-new Season 7 episodes on October 9.