CW’s “The Flash” and AMC’s “The Walking Dead” could not be more dissimilar. However, Barry Allen does have the ability to travel through time. Could he maybe stumble upon the future overrun by zombies? Will a crossover between the two shows really happen soon?

The two networks are currently not in talks to bring their two hit shows together. However, according to, the Flash might just face off with the same guy presently terrorizing the heroes of “The Walking Dead.” Or at least, he would if  Jeffrey Dean Morgan had his way.

The actor who plays Negan in AMC’s zombie series said he wants to play Flashpoint Batman. “Man, I would love to play that Batman… It would be very cool,” Morgan said. “Flashpoint would be very cool… Are you [expletive] insane? I would love it. I would definitely love it,” the actor added.

In the second season finale of “The Flash,” DC’s favourite speedster made an earth-shattering mistake. He went back in time to save his mother. But in doing so, he altered the present timeline. “Flashpoint” refers to the DC Comics story arc that explores the timeline the Flash ended up creating.

In this alternate timeline, Superman does not exist. New Themyscira is at war with Aquaman’s Atlantis. But the most notable difference the Flash ended up making involves Batman. In the “Flashpoint” timeline, Bruce Wayne is the one shot and killed. His father, Thomas, survives and ends up being Batman.

According to Cinema Blend, the show’s star Grant Gustin himself confirmed that “Flashpoint” will be the title of the first episode of Season 3. However, CW is yet to confirm if they will tackle Thomas Wayne’s “more ruthless” version of Batman in the show’s next installment.

The third season of “The Flash” will premiere this coming October on The CW.