Did actor Tom Payne just spoil his character’s secret plan on “The Walking Dead?”

Payne’s character Jesus made his debut on the AMC hit show last week. In a recent interview with E! Online, the actor seems to have shared more than he should’ve done. Tom Payne tried to make sense of what happened to him in the last episode.

“He has a plan, obviously. He pretty much got captured on purpose when he got knocked out. He wants to go back,” he said. In last week’s episode, Jesus gave Rick and Daryl “a rough time.”

“I don’t think he’s knocked out still. I think he was pretending…[I think] on the way back, he was like, ‘I’m gonna check out where these guys come from.’ And he gets tied up and he waits around for everyone to go to sleep,” Tom Payne speculated. “Then he does what he wants to do while he’s in Alexandria. In the next episode, you’ll find out what he was doing before he went to the bedroom. He’s found out a lot of stuff, I think.”

Did Tom Payne really reveal his character’s true intentions? Or is he just trying to mislead the audience? To be fair, the actor’s tone was vague. However, it is possible that he has spoiled the next few episodes. We will just have to watch the next episode to find out for sure.

According to Inquisitr, it is wise for the show’s main characters not to trust Jesus. “Everyone is a potential enemy in ‘The Walking Dead.’ Rick and the others should be suspicious,” the news site claims.

Inquisitr speculates that Jesus might be snooping on behalf of another post-apocalyptic community. He probably wants to broker a trade between the two groups.

You can catch “The Walking Dead” Mondays on AMC.