It will be a bloody Valentine for “The Walking Dead” season six as more deaths are coming when the season returns on February 14 on AMC.

Showrunner Scott Gimple told Vanity Fair that “The Walking Dead” will come back from a break with an intense new episodes and episode 9, in particular, will be the biggest episode the show has done.

“Episode 9 is one of the biggest episodes we’ve done,” Gimple said. “So many people die,” creator Robert Kirkman added.

Greg Nicotero, another executive producer of the series, also teased that the upcoming episodes will building up towards a tragic end for one of the well-loved characters, Christian Post reported.

He hinted that the upcoming season will be heartbreaking for fans.

This made viewers speculate that one of the favorite characters in the show, Glenn, will soon be killed off. In the books, Glenn, played by Steven Yeun, died because of Negan.

According to Uproxx, a group called The Saviors will introduce a new villain this season – Negan– which will be portrayed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Negan will bring much chaos to Rick Grimes and his crew. It was also revealed that he will be bringing more violence to the series, along with his group, “The Saviors.”

Kirkman reiterated that the Wolves and the Saviors are “completely different groups.” They’re equal threats, possibly … We’ll be finding out a lot more about the Saviors, Negan’s group, soon,” he said.

Kirkman also suggested that Negan will overturn “The Walking Dead” narrative when the character arrives late in the season.

Uproxx added that Negan will not be the only character that will be introduced this season. There will be new faces in the span of just eight episodes, including the members of a new location called the Hilltop Colony.

Meanwhile, AMC released several new photos for upcoming season of the “The Walking Dead.”

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