Did this week’s episode of “The Walking Dead” include a major spoiler for the season finale?

According to Inquisitr, this most recent episode might just have hinted which character will be killed off next. The episode, “Knots Untie,” revealed how Negan likes to kill one member of every group he encounters. He does this in order to show each group “how serious he is right from the get-go.” Now that our heroes are in Negan’s radar, he would have to choose one member to kill. Who will it be?

Spoiler Alert! Based on the comic books, Negan would likely choose to kill Glenn. Inquisitr, however, speculates that the show might deviate this time. According to the news site, Negan might kill someone “directly related” to Maggie or Rick. The episode saw these characters discussing whether they should strike a deal with the Hilltop group to kill Negan for food. Inquisitr said, the scene looked like “a classic set up.” This discussion might “come back to haunt them” if they decide not to kill him and Negan ends up beating someone they love to death.

The show’s creative team “loves to put cruel twists,” Inquisitr explained. Negan previously killed a 16-year-old from the Hilltop group.

The hit show’s executive producer David Alpert earlier discussed Negan with IGN Entertainment. He said he still gets “a little nauseous” when he thinks about what Negan did in the comic books.

“[He’s] the greatest comic book villain I’ve ever read,” Alpert told IGN. “Even though he does horrible, horrible horrific things, there’s a certain logic — a barbaric logic, but a logic — to it. I think it’s not just the horrible things he does, it’s the appeal of that logic.”

Which character is the logical choice for Negan to kill? You can catch “The Walking Dead” Mondays on AMC.