An actor on “The Walking Dead” is threatening to block fans who share spoilers. This, after his fate on the show was leaked online.

Spoilers usually come from extras or cast members who talk too much. But the leaked info in question comes from a more credible source.

According to Inquisitr, FOX Russia is the source of the leak. In a bid to promote the show, the network let out more than they should have. It accidentally revealed a major plot point in one of its promos for the show.

SPOILER ALERT! FOX Russia released a “promotional image of Carl Grimes with a bandage over one eye.”  This confirms a rumored storyline that circulated last year.

Set photos of the said character were previously passed around online last summer. The photos were not very clear. But they seem to show Grimes with a bandaged eye. Inquisitr said, they were “classified as a rumor.”

Way to spoil the upcoming season, FOX Russia.

Inquisitr however pointed out that the snap doesn’t reveal what really happened to Grimes’ eye. It is unclear if he lost it completely. He could have only injured it after all.

The promo has been deleted. But the actor who plays Grimes is obviously not happy.

Actor Chandler Riggs took to Twitter to let out his frustration. He even threatened to block social media users who were passing the photo around.

Meanwhile, Forbes reported that AMC has released the first four minutes of the upcoming episode. It follows “the ‘hidden scene’ in season 6 mid-season finale.” The teaser involved Daryl, Abraham, Sasha, and “a pretty huge cliffhanger.”

Walking Dead season 6 is set to return on February 14.

The show has also recently teamed up with Hallmark for special Valentine’s eCards.

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