As the return of “The Walking Dead” Season 6 creeps closer, all the more that fans become giddy on what awaits their favorite characters.

Another thing that contributes to the anxiety of fans is when cast members of the show drop hints regarding their characters’ fates. The recent cast member to do this is Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie on “The Walking Dead”.

Speaking in an interview, Wetpaint relays the actress’ quote as follows:

“We should definitely be as concerned, as we always are, about the safety of our characters.”

Long-time fans may be immune to this sort of statements, since most are aware of the show’s reputation in killing off even the most beloved characters. Still, the actress’ quote should be taken seriously since losing another character on the show will dictate how the story moves forward.

So could Lauren Cohan be warning fans that her character Maggie won’t survive for the remainder of the season? At this point, anything is possible. The actress also shares that Maggie and Glenn’s (Steven Yeun) relationship will see a bumpy ride when the show returns.

Quoted by ET Online, Lauren Cohan had this to say about Glenn and Maggie:

“We’ve got some roller coasters ahead of us but fans will be, I think, pretty gripped with the drama that’s to come.”

On another note, Cohan’s statements about Maggie’s fate and the character’s relationship with Glenn is not the only thing that fans should be worried about.

TooFab reports that Lauren Cohan’s haircut also speak volumes about what goes on in the second half of the show’s sixth season. The website reports that from a shoulder-length bob, the actress is now wearing her hair in a pixie cut. More buzz is surrounding the haircut since Cohan says that she cannot reveal anything about her new look and that she has to keep it “under wraps” for now.

This kind of suspense is definitely the sort of thing that puts fans on edge.

“The Walking Dead” Season 6 returns on February 14 on AMC.