The Walking Dead ended its sixth season last night with a new supervillain called Negan. He carries a barbed-wire-covered baseball bat. He is a grinning, whistling sociopath.

Reflecting on what’s happened over the past year, we now know a lot about AMC’s smash hit zombie drama that we didn’t know 16 episodes ago.

Here are five things we learned from Season 6.

Heroes acting stupid

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Rick seemed like a fine leader while he was giving the Alexandrians little pep-talks about toughening up. However, his plan to herd zombies away from the town in the first half of this season was disastrous.

His leadership is now under doubt.

In the last few episodes, our main characters had made impulsively stupid decisions. They have put their own lives in danger and the ASZ at risk.

Let’s talk about Negan

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The Walking Dead this season ultimately introduced Negan, one of the comics’ major characters, says Rolling StonesJeffrey Dean Morgan‘s performance as Negan in the last 10 minutes of the finale was suitably mean.

He was branding spiked baseball bat with a certain malicious flamboyance. Negan seems “cruelly logical” — and maybe even likable, in his own weird way.

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H maintains a sense of humor about the whole zombie-apocalypse issue. But it’s unclear why he’d be so charming as to inspire such a huge following.

There’s still issue with the pace

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If memory serves well, it once spent what seemed like a lifetime camped out on a dark, dull farm during season two. Fans have been agitated by the alternating slowness and choppiness in the show.

Verdict as of now

The Walking Dead started with one of the best season premieres in television history in 2010. The following two seasons were more of existential churning.

By 2012, the show gained popularity, given the number of zombie killing adventures were less. After the immensely creative 5th season, showrunners have been experimenting.

However, rating are still impressive.

The show used to be about zombies

The Walking Dead slowly moved on from man vs. zombie to man vs. man themes as the zombies weed out all the people who can’t kill lots of zombies.

There was a time when protagonists were trying to get to the bottom of the whole zombie-virus thing. They were interested in fixing out the way to stop it. No one even cares anymore, says USA Today.