The new season of AMC’s “Walking Dead” is right around the corner.

The brouhaha surrounding Episode 9 is getting on everybody’s nerves, even more now because show producer Scott Gimple promised that “episode 9 is one of the biggest episodes,” as quoted in Vanity Fair.

The upcoming mid-season premiere of “The Walking Dead” will have a host of new characters, including Gregory as the new villain. But, comic creator Robert Kirkman has given fans of the TV show a huge scare by saying that so many people will die in the upcoming episodes.

Hilltop Colony will be the new hunting ground and there are several members of the colony that are going to be integral in the new episodes. There is also Negan’s gang, the Saviors, which will put in a lot of important characters directly into the new season. Episode 9 is already nicknamed the “Valentine’s Day Massacre”, so expect a lot of bloodshed and death in Alexandria.

Kirkman, on the talk show “The Talking Dead”, said that the Negan will upend “The Walking Dead‘s” narrative when the character appears later in the season. Robert Kirkman was quoted by Uproxx in saying:

“This catalyst is going to be thrown in at some point in the future that’s just going to fundamentally change everything that we are doing.”

The trailer surely has raised a lot of expectations and takes a trip down memory lane. Rick, Carl, Jessie, and her sons, Sam and Ron, were lined up in a row just like the scene from Season 1 where Rick and Glenn went on that bloody zombie walk.

The eight remaining episodes are mostly going to follow the pattern of the comics. So keep your seat belts on, because this Valentine’s Day is going to see a lot of blood.