“The Walking Dead” Season 6 continues to send out spoilers; as expected Glenn returns this Sunday, November 22. Negan, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan was also seen in the set with Lucille. Rumors has it that a major character is going to die in the season finale.

As reported in CDL, Glenn’s fate will be revealed in the episode 7 titled “Heads Up.” After the build up on the death of Glenn played up by AMC, fans might find his return a letdown. According to the spoilers, the fan movie character will just simply wait until the walkers finish feasting on Nicholas before they move on to the next distraction.

Enid appears and help the future father out. Carl’s pseudo-girlfriend sees Glenn from a rooftop and gives him water. From there, Glenn reaches the outskirts of Alexandria to release the balloons that signals his survival. Though there is no reunion with Maggie just yet.

As Negan was seen filming on the set, a video of Morgan decked out as Negan surfaced on the internet, many fans wondered if it was fake but was proven to be legit as AMC swooped in to have the video removed.

This signals the ending of filming for TWD Season 6. And the most interesting detail is the death of a major character in the finale. As mentioned in The Walking Dead Enthusiasts, Negan was seen swinging his weapon of choice – baseball bat covered with barbed wire doing the infamous “bat death scene.” Negan’s appearance hints that there is a big chance that a character is soon bidding goodbye to the show. Daryll, Glenn, Abe and Michonne were all seen filming that day, does it mean one of them is going to say goodbye?

Why did Glenn return? Will Negan kill a major character, if so who is going to die ? Who will meet Lucille in the season finale?

“The Walking Dead” Season 6 can be seen every Sunday at 9:00 pm on AMC.