Negan has finally made an appearance on “The Walking Dead.” And Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the actor who plays this “sure to be deadly” villain, is ready for hate mail from fans.

Morgan recently talked about his new role in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. “I am excited and I am ready…I really I can’t wait to kind of step into those shoes, and hold that bat, and do my thing. I am looking forward to it,” he told the entertainment news site. “I am fully prepped for hate mail and everything else…So bring it.”

The actor isn’t exactly what you can call a veteran at playing bad guys. Negan, he admitted, is a “total 180” from his current role in “The Good Wife.”

“When you do what I do for a living, you want to do as many different things as possible and I love the challenge of this character,” Morgan said. “I think it is going to be a great challenge for me as an actor.”

Meanwhile, the “Walking Dead” Season 6 finale ended with a pretty huge cliffhanger. Aside from Negan, his barbed wire covered bat Lucille also made an appearance. The finale ended with someone being clubbed to death. However, according to Comic Book, the 90-minute episode did not reveal exactly whom Negan chose to kill. Morgan would also not disclose who his character kills with Lucille. “I can’t talk much about it as I am under strict orders [from AMC],” he told Entertainment Tonight. “And until I see the final cut, I don’t know exactly what we will see.”

It was previously reported that this new villain has a habit of killing one member of each group he encounters. Which among members of Rick’s group was killed? Fans will have to wait for the show’s Season 7 to find out.