Did a leaked song from “The Walking Dead” season finale contain a clue on who’s going to die next? There has been a lot of speculation as to which main character is about to die at the hands of Negan. Does the answer lie between the leaked song’s lyrics?

According to Movie Pilot, season 6 will likely end with a Maya Lavelle song in the background. The song, “This Ain’t The End,” reportedly has very telling lyrics. Based on a line from the song, Movie Pilot speculates that Daryl might be the one killed off in the finale. The lyric in question?  “Darling, I’m in the garden, drinking bourbon. Please come to me.” The line reportedly reminds fans of Daryl’s dead love Beth. According to rumours, actress Emily Kinney might perform a cover of the leaked song for the finale. She might even appear “as Beth in Daryl’s dying moments, calling for him to join her.”

Movie Pilot thinks this scenario is plausible. However, other fans are reportedly “sticking to the source material.” These fans think Glenn would die in the show’s finale, as he did in the comic books. Other lyrics from the song also seem to support this speculation. These fans think the lyric, “Our legacy would never die,” refers to Glenn, Maggie and their unborn baby. “We are family on our own, in the darkness our blood still strong,” might also be referring to them. However, neither scenario has been confirmed.

Inquisitr earlier reported that Negan has a habit of killing one member of each group he encounters. Aside from Glenn and Daryl, names of other likely candidates have floated. These include Abraham, Maggie, and Morgan. Who will Negan choose to kill in the season finale? Stay tuned for updates.

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