The mid-season premiere of “The Walking Dead” surely gave its viewers what to expect in the coming episodes. It was disturbing and heartbreaking as expected earlier, but where did it come from? Robert Kirkman is the answer.

The episode “No Way out” made scenes from the comic book come alive, says executive producer Kirkman.

Sam freaking out after being covered all around by zombies, Rick cutting off Jessie’s arm and Carl being shot all came from Kirkman’s comics. The makers of the hit AMC show took every detail from page to comic and while Forbes here think that it was executed “very poorly,” Kirkman says that “everything turned out really well.”

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Kirkman said:

“It’s great. Seeing how it was directed and put together, everything turned out really well. It’s a moment that we’ve been building to and looking forward to for quite some time, and to see it actually happen and to see it actually come off so well — that moment where Carl gets shot in his eye was just awesome, and startling, and heartbreaking, and all those things in the comic.”

However there were slight changes made, too. In the episode, we see that Ron is the one who shoots Carl in the eye, while the comic version shows that it was actually Douglas Monroe who was supposed to do it.

Kirkman explains that it was showrunner Scott M. Gimple who made the change in order to “dovetail cool storylines into things that feel that much cooler.” Ron’s revenge with Rick and Carl has been heightened for the entire season, and this change in the storyline actually helped in going with the flow of the show.

A promotional image of Carl’s bandaged eye had already been leaked online, and this episode confirms it with the sequence. Chandler Riggs, the actor who plays Carl, also vented his frustration of the leak on Twitter–even threatening social media users who were passing around the photo, but that has not affected the ratings of the show so far.