Are “The Walking Dead” comics about to explore Negan’s past? Will fans finally get to know the origins of this fearsome super villain.

According to Collider, Negan’s back story will be explored by Image+, a monthly previews catalog from the publisher of “The Walking Dead” comic books. The 48-page story, “Here’s Negan,” will be released four pages per month over the next year.

The first page has already been released last week. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the page’s four panels showed how Negan made his signature weapon – his wire-covered bat Lucille.

According to the Reporter, Negan has been around in the comic books for “nearly 50 issues.” However, “Here’s Negan” will be the first attempt at exploring this character’s history. “The Walking Dead” creator Robert Kirkman and artist Charlie Adlard will be working on this project together.

Meanwhile, it was earlier speculated that Negan’s past might be tackled in season 2 of “Fear The Walking Dead.” Season 6 of “The Walking Dead” meanwhile concluded last week. Negan made his first appearance on the show in the finale. Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays the show’s new baddie, also hopes Negan’s past will be explored in season 7.

“I talked to Robert Kirkman after we did ‘Talking Dead’ and he is doing the backstory of Negan right now. But whether or not — or when — we see that, and I hope we do, I can’t answer that,” the actor told Hollywood Reporter. “But hopefully, we’ll find out more as we go…[Negan] used to be a used-car salesman. That’s what I know, and there’s not a lot beyond that…He’s a car salesman who has survived as long as Rick and his gang, so what has he done to get there?”

Like Morgan, fans will have to wait for Image+ to hit stands on April 27 to find out.