Waikato dad Alan Langdon and daughter Que have been found in Australia after disappearing suddenly on a tiny cataraman. It has been 27 days since the duo went missing. They were last seen on December 17 leaving Kawhia Harbour on a yatch.

The discovery of the Waikato dad and daughter came soon following Que’s mother’s speculation of the duo being in Australia. Langdon said that his broken rudder took him to Australia. He also said that he has never been danger during his sea journey. The Kiwi dad admitted that his plan was to sail north towards the Bay of Islands at the time of Christmas. He said that he found himself and his daughter around 2,600km off course in New South Wales’ Ulladulla.

Alan Langdon spoke to Ulladulla local media and said that the one of the rudders of the boat broke and hence they had to abandon their voyage plans. “Once we had no rudder, we didn’t have as many options,” the Waikato dad said. “We waited for the fine weather [so we could fix it]. At that stage, we were being pushed south and out. I didn’t realise sailing with one rudder was going to be as difficult as it was,” he added.

Photographs of Waikato dad and daughter’s boat have been obtained in which a child’s backpack was visible. In addition, there were food packets, plastic water containers, a boogie board as well as several orange buckets. Langdon said that he could not contact his wife, Arianne Wyler, but he was sure that the authorities would contact them.

The Waikato dad decided to sail to Australia on the New Year’s Day as he found it to be the safest option at that time. “I knew we’d arrive somewhere in Australia. I knew we had plenty of fresh water,” the ABC quoted him as saying. “It was just a question of time. I didn’t want to push the boat.”

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