New Zealand police have charged Waikato dad Alan Langdon with taking her daughter Que out of the nation illegally without information. The dad went missing from the nation for almost 30 days along with his six-year-old daughter and was discovered in Australia last week.

The Waikato dad was last seen on a cataraman with his daughter while he went for a voyage and left Kawhia Harbour. But the incident has turned ugly with NZ police charging him with an illegal kidnapping of his daughter. Detective Sergeant Bill Crowe said that a 49-year-old man will appear in Te Awamutu District Court on January 25, 2017. He confirmed that the man has been charged with taking a child from New Zealand.

Langdon and his daughter were found in New South Wales’ Ulladulla last week after they were last seen almost one month ago. Que’s mother Ariane Wyler suspected their presence in Australia and the duo was found there. The parents were in a custody dispute when the incident took place. Rescue operations were conducted in the New Zealand coast and sea regions.

Waikato Dad Charged, Daughter Reunites With Mom

Private investigator Col Chapman told a local Kiwi media outlet on Sunday that Wyler reached Australia from Switzerland and Que has been handed over to her. Chapman told the Sydney Morning Herald that the daughter was happy to see her mother.  “They chatted briefly and Que informed her mother she missed her, loved her and was thrilled to see her,” Chapman said. “Within a few minutes Que asked if she could come with her mother.”

The Waikato dad, on the other hand, said that Que suddenly vanished after she went to the toilet. He could not find her after that. However, he has now been told by media that his daughter was with her mom.

Langdon remained in Australia for two days. The authorities were informed about the duo after a person saw their posters. According to the reports, the Waikato dad is cooperating with Aussie authorities. The pair did not enter the country legally and Que did not even have a passport, The Guardian stated.

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