The lead stars of W-Two Worlds continue to spark more intrigue about their rumored off-screen romance.

Fans enjoyed watching the fantasy romance K-drama because it offered something different. In addition, the pairing of Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo was a hit with viewers. The last few episodes of the hit K-drama offered a lot of excitement for viewers. Indeed, it appeared to have the right mix of danger, intrigue and romance. Hence, many already anticipate its sequel although the MBC network revealed it had no plans of extending W-Two Worlds.

Nevertheless, fans who were enamored with the romance of the lead stars might have something to watch out for. Rumors are rife about Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo dating in real life. This is likely due to their amazing chemistry in the fantasy romance drama. However, did their time onscreen pave the way for something more between them off-screen?

Apparently, Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo admitted early on their thoughts about each other. As it turns out, they each consider the other as their ideal. It would appear both of them find each other attractive. They also shared flattering remarks about one another. In an interview prior to the premiere of W-Two Worlds, Han Hyo Joo complimented her leading man by saying he looked like he just stepped out of a Korean comic book. Of course, he gave a charming reply to her comment.

“I’m a huge fan of Han Hyo Joo. She’s charming,” Lee Jong Suk said during their appearance on Section TV, according to Soompi. Yet could there be more evidence to prove their off-screen romance? It would seem there is, according to Mobile & Apps. Apparently, both were in Japan at around the same time recently. Lee Jong Suk was on a Fan Tour last September 25. Han Hyo Joo was also there for a photoshoot. Was it just a coincidence or was it part of a romantic getaway?