A happy ending for the two protagonists of W-Two Worlds will still have to wait as Oh Yeon-Joo’s (Han Hyo Joo) life has been put in danger in the W Korean drama.

In the upcoming episode 13 of the hit Asian drama, the killer Oh Sung-Moo escapes from prison and kidnaps Yeon Joo. “Who told you to be the female lead of this comic? Do you think there will be a satisfactory ending?” he asked Yeon Joo.

Can her beloved husband Kang Chul (Lee Jong Suk) save her?

A quick recap of episode 12: Yeon Joo asked Kang Chul if he remembers her.  Kang Chul admitted that he does not have any recollection of what happened between them in the past. At the hospital where she spent the night, Yeon Joo received a call from Kang Chul. He asked her to go on a date with him.

Chul hatched a plan to enter the manhwa world and fought Sung-Moo. He beat New Face. Chul called the police to report that he caught the crime show shooter. Kang Chul then told Yeon-joo that he took care of New Face so that she could turn the table and use it without fear.

As soon as Kang Chul found out about Sung-Moo’s escape, he immediately went to the real world and read the rest of the chapters in his phone. After reading, he uttered “I want to get in” and he immediately went back in his world.

However, when he arrived, Kang Chul realized that he is too late as Sung-Moo already murdered Yeon-Joo. Before he got into the warehouse, he saw the killer smirking in his car.

Furious, Kang Chul crashed into the car and shot Sung-Moo to death. Thinking that he had killed Sung-Moo, Kang Chul went to the place where Yeon-Joo was supposed to be dying. However, her body was not there. He then realized that her body went back to the real world again.

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In the real world, the owner of the warehouse found Yeon-Joo’s body and called an ambulance. Kang Chul arrived and asked the owner where his wife’s body is.  A policeman asked him about his relationship with the patient. “I’m her husband,” he said. After arriving at the hospital lobby, he saw his dying wife full of blood.

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