The latest Newspoll report on Tuesday has revealed that the public is not very happy with the performance of Malcolm Turnbull as Australia’s prime minister.

The figures stated that Turnbull’s satisfaction rate has declined, making the point reach a five-month low value since the leadership spill in 2015. The government and opposition are on a tie with 50-50 votes in the latest Newspoll survey. The Conversation reported that the poll published in The Australian is the second attempt in a row to establishing a challenge that the government is posed to address at the moment.

Despite Australia’s powerful economic growth last week, the prime minister failed to maintain his strong hold on the position. The level of confidence on Turnbull declined to four points in the past fortnight, making the rate reach 44 percent, which is a high slip with 16-points from what he enjoyed in the middle of November. The declining popularity of Turnbull seems to put a huge pressure on the government as far as its attempt to craft a convenient tax package is concerned.

The poll indicated that the coalition’s primary vote is sustained at 43 percent, while the ALP and Greens vote has been recorded as 35 percent and 12 percent respectively. The Guardian confirmed that voters were surveyed between Thursday and Sunday last week following the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ economic report revelation. The figures showed an unexpected rise in GDP to 0.6 percent in the final quarter of 2015. The overall growth has been recorded as three percent.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten’s satisfaction rate, on the other hand, improved with four points, making it minus 25 points from minus 29 as recorded previously. His rate of satisfaction in the public’s view is 30 percent, while rate of dissatisfaction is 55 percent.

In spite of facing significant challenges for the position, Turnbull continues to enjoy a commanding lead with 55 percent as far as prime minister status was concerned, while Shorten lagged behind with a mere 21 percent of votes.