Volleyball, a simple game of passing back a ball over a net but it can teach you a number of leadership lessons off the court. These lessons can be helpful to you when becoming an entrepreneur or just in everyday life. Here are the top 3 lessons you can learn from this team sport.


As players on a volleyball court are close together, they are able to communicate with each other quickly and effectively. This can include alerting a blocker that there is a hard hit over the net while also trying to distract the opposing team. You are allowed to have three attempts to hit the ball over with communication being important to whoever is receiving the ball. Some of the worst point losses are when the ball drops because everyone assumes someone else is going to hit it. With good communication, you know where everyone on the court is and what they’re doing.


Accepting Mistakes

No one likes people who think they are perfect. Playing a team sport teaches you to how work well with others even if they make a mistake on the field. When an error occurs, own up to it and say something like “I’ll get it next time” instead of blaming others. Be willing to help out others that make the same mistake. Acknowledge it because you are gaining more experience and potentially gain respect from your co-workers and team mates.


Trust must be kept within your team mates and co-workers for a healthy and stable relationship. Find ways in your workplace to build trust such as setting up meetings to discuss any issues or even a small soiree at a public place with some co-workers. Encouraging other staff members to be confident when completing their daily tasks will set the workplace up to succeed in the future.

When you over exert yourself, whilst it can be sometimes helpful, you could potentially be annoying your teammates and causing confusion among the court. Instead you should find a balance between taking care of some tasks and distribute the rest among employee’s you deem suitable to complete them.

When things get tough in your personal life, it is ideal to talk to someone you can trust. If employee’s talk to one another, the workplace will be a better and healthier environment. If everyone is worry free and is focusing solely on their tasks to complete, your workplace will run more systematically.

Volleyball is not just a sport as it creates life lessons to take with you off the court. Building a better workplace with communication, trust and humbleness will keep your professional environment stable and issue free.