“The Voice” Season 9 coaches Blake Shelton and Adam Levine seem to have some funny moments during the show. But as if their on cam dissing is not enough, Blake reportedly told Levine that ‘he looks like a sperm cell.” Does it mean that a real feud is about to emerge? Let us find out.

The ribbing started when Adam Levine showed up on the previous episode with a new unexpected look. The maroon 5 singer had his head fully shaved. On the other hand, Blake seemed to have some “strong opinions” regarding his co- judge’s bald head.

“When you give yourself such a bad haircut, when you realize when you walk out of the place that you look stupid and you say yourself: ‘Hey man do you think I look like Doctor Evil?” the country singer revealed on “Live with Kelly and Michael,” quotes Hollywood Life.

“He’s like laying it all out there for me because he already knows he looks like a sperm cell,” Shelton added.

More than that, he also would like to make fun of Levine by saying that he looks like Lex Luthor and Ghandi.

On the other hand, “Live with Kelly and Michael” hosts posted an edited photo of Shelton in a bald look.

“I look like I’m about to be in one of those ‘Fast And The Furious’ movies,” as he confidently told the hosts.

So, what does Adam Levine has to say about Shelton and his jokes on him? Let us find out soon.

On the other hand, Blake and Gwen Stefani’s romance seems to be blossoming.

According to the latest bits, “Stefani jumps into Shelton’s arms on ‘The Voice’ with biggest smile,” notes another Hollywood Life article.

An insider told the site that the “No Doubt” singer is being sweet to Shelton off- cam.