Christina Aguilera is back on Season 10 of “The Voice” and is hellbent on breaking the girl curse this season. She takes to the red chair as the only girl judge in the boy band of judges consisting of Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Pharrell Williams.

“The Voice” has four artists/musicians acting as coaches to their team of contestants, each one hoping to nurture the voice of the country. While talking to Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show,” Aguilera explained that so far, no female coach has ever taken home an actual winner. This is what they call the “girl curse.” “It is a little imbalanced around those parts so I can see the odds are a little against us,” she said reveals Music-News.

“But this year my team is really solid and even the boys are like, ‘Man, you might break the girl curse this year!’” she told Fallon. According to Entertainment Weekly, Aguilera replaces Gwen Stefani who used to be in the coach’s chair in the previous season.

However, Stefani will return as an advisor for Shelton’s team, along with Tori Kelly for Team Adam and Diddy for Team Pharrell. The biggest draw is having Miley Cyrus as an advisor for Christina Aguilera’s team along with Patti LaBelle. “I think this might be the year. I’ve got to play the cards right. I’ve been taking notes from the guys for years now,” said Aguilera in an interview with Parade.

She is hoping that Miley Cyrus will help her break the girl curse this year. “She’s so much fun, guys. We are both Sagittarians which I love; we are both fire signs and she just likes to live in the moment and she’s free,” disclosed Aguilera on “The Tonight Show.” “She won’t let the boys push her around, which I like. I’m like, someone has got to set them straight sometimes!” she added.

Additionally, she also has her strategies in place with respect to her team, their talent and abilities, choice of songs, etc. “Look, every year it’s different. The talent is different. At the end of the day, it is the talent that wins. It’s not like we go home with, like a Voice trophy,” she told Parade. “It is really up to them. Ultimately, I’m here to be their biggest fan,”Aguilera signed off.