The pressure will certainly build up from now on as the final 16 fight for the title of “The Voice Australia” 2016.

The teams are complete following the Super Battle Rounds that bid farewell to some of this season’s favorites. Each coach has four final contestants who are set to take the stage in the upcoming live shows, Daily Mail reported. Team Madden is composed of Andrew Loadsman, Aaliyah Warren, Lane Sinclair, and Lexi Clark. The brothers sent home Blake Morgan, Nazzereene Taleb, Carmel Rodrigues, and Talia Giancaspro.

Team Delta is made up of Elle Murphy, Adam Ladell, Alfie Arcuri, and Kim Sheehy. They bested their fellow competitors Shirin Majd and Maryann Wright. The Maddens saw it fit to applaud Adam Ladell’s soulful performance of “Safe and Sound.”

Team Jessie is composed of Jack Pellow, Mikaela Dean, Brianna Holm, and Ellen Reed. The road to the British singer’s final four had its share of controversy. She sent home The Koi Boys in a surprise decision that fans disagreed with. However, her farewell to Aaliyah Warren was short lived because of the last minute save by the Madden Brothers.

Team Ronan is made up of Emad Younan, Georgia Wiggins, Tash Lockhart, and Mitch Gardner. Although he might be a neophyte on “The Voice Australia” 2016 panel, any of his final four choices might prove worthy of winning this competition. Coach Goodrem praised Tash Lockhart following her performance at the sing off.

“It was clear to me she was absolutely meant to be here and she proved that tonight, and my stomach churns not having you on my team, but it makes she so proud to do so fantastically well. That was a 10 out of 10 in my books,” the publication quoted Goodrem.

Yet Keating might not want to take chances as he’s serious about the Live Shows. The coach hit Bondi Beach for an early morning run that’s bound to liven his “competitive spirit,” Channel 9 wrote.

No pain no pain. Early morning run in Bondi Kicking the cobwebs off.

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“The Voice Australia” 2016 Live Shows airs on Monday at 7:30 p.m. Competitors from each team will battle for a coveted spot on the Live Show 2, Channel 9 wrote in a separate report. A public vote will decide the fate of the remaining artists who weren’t chosen by their respective coaches.