“The Voice Australia” 2016 might have found its very own Susan Boyle in the person of Crissy Ashcroft.

Sunday’s blind auditions of “The Voice Australia” marked the entry of Ashcroft into Team Delta, 9now reported. Her passionate performance of “When the War Is Over” had a significant impact on judge Delta Goodrem. Midway through Ashcroft’s performance, Goodrem stood up then started to sing along. Towards the end, she pressed the button and turned around to face Ashcroft on stage.

Ashcroft couldn’t believe that Goodrem turned her chair yet Goodrem reassured her that she wasn’t about to take back her decision.

“I ain’t turning around right now … anybody who knows me knows that I respond to something in the heart … we can work on pitch, we can work on all those things, but I responded to your voice first and foremost, and now I am honoured and respectfully very, very excited to work with you and do this journey. And to battle against these guys,” Goodrem told Ashcroft.

The war veteran’s performance on “The Voice Australia” could echo Susan Boyle’s audition on “Britain’s Got Talent” in 2009, OK! surmised. Aside from her voice, Ashcroft’s background story also touched the hearts of the judges and audience. It could very well be one of the emotional highlights of the season, the Herald Sun noted.

The 49-year-old from New South Wales is an army veteran. Her deployment to the Afghanistan war zone in 2009 led to her diagnosis of PTSD when she came back. Hence, she admitted that bringing herself to perform on “The Voice Australia” was a struggle.

“This morning, getting myself here to this stage has been a really hard road. So many times I said, ‘I can’t do this.’ But if I can get to that microphone and get through that song, it doesn’t matter if a chair turns or not. It’ll give me a sense I can get through this, I can beat this,” Ashcroft revealed.

In addition to joining Team Delta, Ashcroft is also part of the Aussie squad for the international sporting event Invictus Games. She competes in three events, namely powerlifting, swimming, and cycling, New Idea reported.
Aside from the show’s hot doorman, fans will undoubtedly stay tuned to find out if Ashcroft turns out to be the Australian Susan Boyle.

Click here to watch the full performance of Crissy Ashcroft on “The Voice Australia.”