Another set of twins take over from Benji and Joel on “The Voice Australia.” Was the Madden Brothers’ recent tiff with Jessie J enough reason to replace them?

Fans of the show won’t see the twins during the live show on June 26 as the Good Charlotte front liners have a tour commitment to attend to back in the United States. Yet, they will still see double as The Veronicas take over their seats, reported. Although the recent spat between the Madden Brothers and Jessie J was a bit disconcerting to watch, it’s not likely sufficient cause to take them off.

“The Voice Australia” welcomes Jessica and Lisa Origliasso, collectively known as The Veronicas, as guest coaches for the week. The identical sisters are excited to be part of the reality show and promised they won’t take their temporary roles lightly.

“Any opportunity where we get to interact with and supporting other artists in any way is exciting for us. We’re still here doing it as artists, and constantly recreating and keeping ourselves inspired. The industry is evolving, we’ve learned so much in our career that we can share and give advice to guide other artists,” Lisa Origliasso revealed.

“It’s a very brutal industry to be in. We’re very honest, very upfront and very real about the advice that we give. We’re not going to be sugar-coating anything. There’s not going to be anything contrived about our time on the show,” Jess Origliasso added.

“There will be a lot of opinions from women on the panel that week. Because Lord knows Jess and I are very vocal with our opinions,” Lisa Origliasso noted. Thus, would Ronan Keating survive the week with four female mentors on the panel? The sisters recently hit back at body shaming trolls on Facebook who marked them poster girls for “unhealthy eating,” The Sydney Morning Herald wrote. The Veronicas even published their food-shopping list as proof.

“To defend our bodies and health has become the most tiresome and frustrating part of being in the public eye. We EAT. We understand that perhaps we are in a minority of people who’s frames are naturally smaller than average. But you using us as a billboard of unhealthy eating is 100 percent incorrect and hurtful. STOP making assumptions about our health, and STOP the body shaming,” the publication quoted their statement.

The Veronicas will also debut their new single “In My Blood” on “The Voice Australia,” Mail Online reported.