After five years on air, will “The Voice Australia” 2016 be the last for this reality show?

“The Voice Australia” concluded another season with the victory of Alfie Arcuri. Yet behind the fanfare and festivities, the viewing figures tell a different and distressing story. During its 2012 debut season, the show easily drew in 2.43 million viewers. The audience swelled to 2.75 million for the finale and then grew larger to 3.24 million for the “winner announced” segment.

However, a year-to-year comparison showed a drop in viewership by more than 20 percent for the grand finale telecast. This time around, only 1.15 million viewers tuned in from last year’s 1.5 million viewers. This was in spite of the fact that the Good Charlotte debuted its latest single that night. Furthermore, it seems the nip slip of contestant Tash Lockhard on live TV did not count. Even the “winner announced” segment drew in fewer viewers than last year. The year-to-year comparison showed a drop of nearly 19 percent from 1.59 million to 1.29 million, which is less than half from the first season.

Hence, could Nine lose “The Voice Australia” because of this, Karl Quinn of The Age asked. Alarming, as they might be, the ratings these days reflect the change in viewing preference of TV audiences. Nowadays, traditional TV viewers do not necessarily tune in to the main channels. Media Analyst Steve Allen of Fusion Strategy revealed that digital channels account for about 25% of the peak night audience. Moreover, streaming services like Netflix and subscription video-on-demand services like Amazon Prime also factor into the equation. Thus creating a fragmented viewing audience. Yet not all might be lost for Channel 9 and its program “The Voice Australia.”

“I don’t think it’s over and out, but its tricks of the trade are now passé,” Steve Allen remarked. His words are certainly heartening and could hold the key to keeping the show alive. Would the next season merit another change in the lineup of judges? Could another set of twins draw in television audiences to tune in once again to “The Voice Australia?”