“The Voice Australia” suffered another casualty from the latest battle round as Jessie J sent home The Koi Boys. However, fans were not happy and they’re speaking out against the coach.

The trio made their mark during their blind audition when all four coaches turned their seats in appreciation, Channel 9 recalled. However, their dreams ended when they lost out to Mikaela Dean and Jack Pellow in a Michael Jackson-themed Superbattle, the publication wrote.

Their upbeat performance that had the audience grooving to the beat of “Pretty Young Thing” didn’t seem to appeal to Jessie J. However, they had Delta Goodrem dancing from the very start. The Australian singer eventually stood up to dance. In contrast, Jessie J seemed to give the boys a signal to give even more. The British singer struggled with the decision. Her trademark honesty, as the publication described, likely helped make up her mind as she spoke.

“I don’t think any of you are ready for lives, that’s my honest truth,” Jessie J told the contestants. “That’s a good thing, that means you’ve got somewhere to go, you know, and you’ve got to push harder,” she added. Sadly, her honesty might have been too hard to hear for The Koi Boys and the audience.

“It was very boy-bandy, and very ‘done,’” Stuff.co.nz quoted the singer’s appraisal of the Kiwi trio’s Superbattle routine. Ultimately, the British singer let down a painful decision that many fans disagreed with. Their departure rippled through social media as fans shared their shock over her choices. Another fan even remarked that it would it cost Jessie J the competition.

Prior to letting go of The Koi Boys, Jessie J also sent home 17-year-old Aaliyah Warren. The British singer wanted her to work on her personality away from the spotlight so that she can make an improved comeback. However, the Madden Brothers saved Warren at the last minute.

“The Voice Australia” also said goodbye to fan favorite Crissy Ashcroft, dubbed as Australia’s Susan Boyle. Delta Goodrem chose Marcia Howard over Ashcroft after their “Wicked Game” battle, Channel 9 revealed in a separate post.