“The Voice Australia” Battle Rounds became more intense as the Madden Brothers went head to head with fellow judge Jessie J to save Aaliyah Warren.

The Madden Brothers saved Aaliyah Warren after Jessie J sent the artist home and chose Brianna Holm as the battle round winner, Channel 9 wrote. Jessie J didn’t think Warren was ready yet to be in the spotlight at the tender age of seventeen. The British singer offered her sound advice to prepare her for the future.

“I put myself in your shoes at 17. I want to protect you and I want you to build on your personality and who you are without the watchful eyes of a lot of people that aren’t always going to be nice,” the publication quoted Jessie J’s advice to Warren.

The Madden Brothers had a different opinion of the 17-year old and their decision obviously delighted the studio audience. However, it didn’t sit well with Jessie J who became visibly annoyed by it, News.com.au reported. Joel Madden likely hoped to ease the tension with Jessie J. However, his attempt might have only made matters worse as the British singer didn’t hide her displeasure. The publication quoted the conversation between Joel Madden and Jessie J.

“I agree with you in a lot of ways,” Madden told Jessie J. “You clearly don’t,” Jessie J replied. However, Madden pointed out that they don’t see eye to eye often on “The Voice Australia.”

“You don’t always agree with me either. I think Aaliyah is more of a star than most of the people that are already through.”

Jessie J, however, clearly wasn’t through with it. “Was my microphone on? Did they (Madden brothers) hear anything I said? I don’t know why he did that. Pi**ed me off!” Jessie J said when she returned to her chair. Audiences are used to seeing Jessie J clash with Delta Goodrem on “The Voice Australia.” This would be the first major encounter between her and the Madden Brothers.

Adam Ladell also kept his dreams alive as judge Delta Goodrem saved the fan favorite from exiting “The Voice Australia,” Mail Online reported. His coach Ronan Keating opted to keep his opponent, Mitch Gardner. The exchange between the two coaches was quite cordial as Keating thanked Goodrem for saving Ladell.

“Thank you, Delta. I am so delighted Delta took Adam,” Keating told Goodrem. Would his kind words help Goodrem get over her “Latin lover?”