“The Voice Australia” 2016 recently concluded with Alfie Arcuri emerging as this season’s winner. British singer Jessie J left Down Under’s hit singing competition yet rumours about her and Delta still linger. Has the two singers finally patched things up? Is the feud over?

Fans know Jessie J as a very outspoken judge. This season, the “Price Tag” hitmaker allegedly had a clash with the Madden Brothers. When she and the Maddens didn’t agree on the 17-year-old hopeful, it pissed off the singer. But the encounter between her and the Maddens isn’t quite a surprise. Before this season, Jessie J and Delta also had disagreements.

Last season, Jessie J told the audience why 16-year-old teen Ellie Drennan’s the “best singer” of the competition. Delta praised Jessie’s lengthy speech “sarcastically” and said that Jessie had a “great performance.” The British singer was definitely not happy about her remark and threw some shade off-cam. To which Delta replied, “Don’t give me that look.”

After the season wrapped up on Sunday, Jessie J posted a photo of her and Delta on Instagram. Such post had a caption telling about how she admires Delta so much. Moreover, she mentioned how she’s so proud of the Australian singer for getting a number 1 album on ARIA charts and her mentee winning this season.

Jessie J and Delta at “The Voice Australia” Set

The Sydney Morning Herald noted that such post “dispelled the feud” that existed between the two singers since last season. The site also mentioned that the two laughed and dance together during Fifth Harmony’s live performance.

Meanwhile, “The Voice Australia” host Sonia Kruger admitted that there’s still a lot of bickering that happened behind the cam. “It happens more than you see on television. Jessie is a bull at a gate and that bluntness irritates the other coaches,” Kruger said.

Fans won’t likely see Jessie J next season as she promised herself to focus more on making music.