Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani can’t get enough of each other. Their recent reunion on the “The Voice” 2016 may have even had the pianist blushing.

The country singer couldn’t hide his excitement at the sight of girlfriend Gwen Stefani. Mail Online reported Shelton’s outburst of emotion.

From the start, Shelton threw compliments at his “hot” girlfriend, the website noted.

“Rock and roll goddess, diva,” Shelton called her. Stefani sounded uncomfortable as she asked him, “What?” Shelton went ahead with his verbal praises such as “Legend”, “Awesome”, “bad a**”, “Queen”.

He ultimately made Stefani laugh when he said, “Good to touch you,” as they shook hands.

Gwen Stefani is back on “The Voice” as part of Shelton’s team of advisers. She sat as a judge during “The Voice” 2015.

Aside from being “hot”, Celebuzz reported that Shelton chose Stefani because “[she is] a country music expert”. Stefani’s response to his statement was: “I’m getting there, though! I loved working outside of my lane.”

The website noted Stefani’s exchange with two of Shelton’s picks for this season. “Blake wanted to bring in an expert to help you guys, so [he] called me,” she told them.

Her musical style embraces R&B, electro and J-pop, Allmusic noted.

Rumours about the couple abound ever since they got together last year. Hollywood Take earlier reported about pregnancy and breakup stories.

The website cited tabloid news about Stefani being pregnant with two babies. It noted that the reports started when she and Shelton began dating.

Both singers already slammed reports about Stefani’s alleged baby bump.

News of Shelton and Stefani flirting came out earlier. Hence, many predicted their possible hook-up.

The two debuted as an official couple on February 28 ET Online reported. Shelton and Stefani walked the red carpet at the Vanity Fair Oscar party. Pictures of the couple smiling and holding hands made headlines.