If you miss “American Idol” or want something to tide you over until the return of “The Voice,” check out the latest YouTube series called “Sing It” and its crazy character, Marci.

The 10-episode comedy series from Fine Brothers Entertainment and Mandeville Films debuted on YouTube Red, the new ad-free entertainment and music subscription service last May 25, Broadway World reported. The script offers an affectionate satire of reality singing competitions on television, the publication noted. “Sing It” offers a look into the events that take place behind the camera on a music reality show, the publication revealed.

Brothers Rafi and Benny Fine created “Sing It” based on their observation of “American Idol” and other shows like it, Entertainment Weekly revealed.

The story starts with the announcement that Drew takes over after the show’s long-time producer is fired. His appointment bypassed Stacey who assumed she’d be taking over. Hence, her hostility towards Drew is apparent in the official trailer. At one point, Drew and Stacey deliver similar lines but with varying conclusions (slide to 1:22).

“This is going to be the best season ever,” Drew said. “This is going to be the worst season ever,” Stacey said. His inexperience and overwhelming desire to change the show’s format combined with the peculiarities of the contestants, executives, and crew make for a hilarious script.

“’Sing It’ is too much about the ‘It’ and it needs to be more about the ‘Sing,’” Drew tells the crew (slide to 1:04).

Similar to the format of “American Idol,” a contestant is eliminated after each episode until only two remain at the finals. Moreover, the creators intend to include viewers’ choices for who will ultimately win the competition, the publication remarked.

HollywoodLife attributed its obsession over “Sing It” for its inclusion of TV and film actress Missi Pyle to the cast. Pyle plays Marci who the publication described as the craziest and funniest to watch on the series. The actress revealed her delight at the chance to portray “every stereotype of a network executive,” the publication revealed.

“I kinda got to be completely unscrewed and be one of those people that has no filter and says whatever is on her mind without even caring about the consequences,” Pyle explained. The all-star cast includes Debbie Ryan (Jessie), Ace Young, and Diana DeGarmo from American Idol. Sasha Pieterse, Sam Tsui, Todrick Hall, and Tim DeLaGhetto also appear as guests on “Sing It.”

Watch the teaser trailer for “Sing It.”