The VMA’s has been surprising the public with so many dramas and surprise antics in the past. Who would forget Kanye West vs. Taylor Swift in 2009 and Miley Cyrus vs. Nicki Minaj in 2015? There would more of it since the VMAs 2016 is drawing near.

A previous report hinted that the Life of Pablo hitmaker might pull-off another drama again since the award-giving body nominated his song Famous. However, other big artists like Beyonce, Adele, and Justin Bieber are also in the list.

On the other hand, Taylor Swift might not be attending the VMAs 2016. According to US Weekly, the Bad Blood singer got no nomination this year.

Swift did not reveal the reason as of yet, but the fans are still waiting for it. Meanwhile, the Seattle Times recalled some of the most unforgettable feuds in the past years.

So far, aside from the people mentioned above, other remarkable feuds include Courtney Love vs. Madonna in 1995, where the Hole lead singer threw a shoe at the pop star. On the other hand, there were Kurt Cobain vs. Axl Rose in 1992 and Rage Against The Machine vs. Limp Bizkit in 2000, to mention few.

It looks like feuding on the upcoming VMAs 2016 is at least expected. So, here are the 5 big things to expect from the upcoming event which will be on Aug. 28, aside from that; courtesy of Entertainment Tonight:

  1. Beyonce might have a massive performance at the event. Although the Diva singer has not confirmed it yet, many of her fans want to see her onstage.
  2. Aside from Queen Bey, fans would also like to see Ariana Grande. However, they want something different, like a “never before seen” performance.
  3. Lady Gaga might do an opening act and will surprise the crowd with a new single.
  4. Rihanna will do multiple performances showing off different styles.
  5. Lastly, since Kanye West will attend, fans are expecting another thriller antic from the rapper.

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