VMAs 2016 will be this coming Sunday, August 26th. Avid fans and music artists are already looking forward to this year’s performances and winners. But, just like any other award shows, speculations about it being “fixed” or “staged” always arises.

Last Teen Choice Awards 2016Teen Wolf star Shelley Hennig even brought about the rumours about the show being “rigged”. But with the case of VMAs, it’s a different scenario. Viewers at home look forward to dramas and reactions from the music artists during the show. Taylor Swift’s squad usually gets lot of attention during the awards show. But apparently, there’s a seating arrangement and it’s no coincidence that Music Artist A has to watch the show beside Music Artist B.

Speaking to Cosmopolitan.com, Vice President for MTV music and talent Gina Esposito mentioned that the seating arrangement takes months to prepare. First, music celebrities can send in their “dream seat buddy” requests. Viewers saw Katy Perry and Rihanna seated beside each other numerous times and it’s no coincidence. They probably requested for that one, right? Esposito claimed that MTV does its best to “accommodate all requests”.

Taylor Swift seems to be everyone’s favourite. “She has so many good friends, and it was hard to figure out the ‘Taylor’ of it all [in past years]. Because so many people were requesting to sit by her and sit with her… she’s often really requested,” Esposito said.

Although there is indeed a seating arrangement, sometimes celebrities choose not to follow them. “If we don’t seat them together, they find their way to each other anyway,” Esposito explained. Well, if Selena Gomez, wanted to move to Taylor Swift’s side, MTV can’t do much about it.

Moreover, as revealed on the site, the goal is to catch awkward reactions and even those unexpected moments.

“You’re looking at it for camera angles and whose reactions we might capture throughout the night,” Esposito said. However, the site noted that if an artist sits near the aisle, it doesn’t mean he or she will likely win the award.

Meanwhile, see the full list of VMAs 2016 performers below:


Alessia Cara

Lukas Graham


Awards Show


Britney Spears and G-Eazy

Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande

The Chainsmokers and Halsey

Nick Jonas and Ty Dolla $ign