Formula One Chief Executive Bernie Ecclestone, who said he doesn’t favour democracy, believes that Russian President Vladimir Putin would be able to lead Europe better. He also said that the Russian President can resolve “this other business” in Syria and that Great Britain should exit the European Union.

Ecclestone said that the F1 is at the moment in the worst shape it has ever been and he wouldn’t waste money by taking his family to watch a race. However, the 85-year-old billionaire expressed a striking admiration for Putin, the Guardian reported.

“He’s the guy who should run Europe,” Ecclestone said. “He will sort out this other business that is going on in Syria. The good thing is that he does what he believes to be right and he stands by it. It’s hard to talk him out of anything.”

He added, “I’ve said before that I don’t much like democracy. Nothing gets done. I do quite like David Cameron. I didn’t think I would, but he has done what he thinks is best for Britain in the EU negotiations. I respect that, but I want us to leave Europe. It doesn’t make any difference to my business. It doesn’t make any difference to anyone here. I know what we give the EU, but not what it gives us back.”

During an interview with the Daily Mail, he said that he has vested interest in Formula one and that he will only do what’s the best for it.

“I think I can say that I’m a bit of an exception in Formula One today — I have a vested interest. I want to do what is best for Formula One,” he said. “I don’t need the job. I don’t need the money. Most of the participants are only thinking about what’s good for them in the short term. Long term for most of those people is two or three races. The result is that Formula One is the worst it has ever been. I wouldn’t spend my money to take my family to watch a race. No way.”