Russian President Vladimir Putin hints at  Russia’s new first lady during his annual call-in show. Putin said that he may one day tell Russians if he was in a romantic relationship.

The sixty-three-year-old  Russian President divorced his wife Lyudmila after almost 30 years of marriage in 2013. They announced their divorce on state television when they made a rare public appearance together at a ballet performance in the Kremlin ending years of rumour about marital problems. Apparently, Lyudmila remarried a man 20 year her junior, according to Russian media.

Innuendos related to Russia’s would-be first lady is not really new. Since his divorce, it has been speculated that the President is in a relationship with 32-year-old Alina Kabayeva, a former Olympic gymnast. A Swiss report also claimed that Kabayeva had given birth to Putin’s child.  Kremlin dismissed all media speculations regarding the affair.

During the televised phone-in event a woman asked the Russian President whether he would remarry, reported ST. Putin answered that he would wait till his ex-wife remarry. Although he laughed off the question he hinted that he might remarry one day.

The female supporter asked when he was planning to introduce Russia’s new first lady. At first, Putin looked uncomfortable with the question about remarriage and simply said that he believed that the people of the country were more interested in his performance as a president and not his private life.

However, later, Putin in a jokey manner said that he was afraid that his marriage may affect the country’s already unsteady foreign exchange rate or oil price as reported by Shanghai

He said, “Maybe one day I will be able to satisfy your curiosity.”

When asked about his relationship with his ex-wife, the President joked again and said that their relationship had improved after their separation.

He said, “she’s pleased with her life. I am also pleased. I am doing very well too.”

Putin has tightly guarded his private life during his 16-year political career. He said that elected officials personal life are not important rather their deeds should be focused on.

The Russian President always avoid controversies related to his personal life but cannot avoid them completely. Recently, some former Kremlin insiders revealed that Putin is the richest man in the world.