The latest Vizio Ultra HD TVs have specs that are totally crazy for its price.

Fox News reported that the latest additions to Vizio televisions start at $470. The E series comes with a 4K resolution, 43-inch display and a built-in Google Cast.

PR Newswire announced the latest televisions of Vizio.

The California-based Vizio calls their televisions including the E series as “Home Theater Displays”. Why? These TV sets do not have TV tuners and conventional remote controls. Home Theater Displays work with an app that uses a tablet or smartphone as a touchscreen remote control. The Vizion SmartCast app is also a free app and would just let you push your content into the display.

Ultra HD or 4K televisions provide up to four times higher resolution that regular HD TVs. This is especially helpful if the video you will watch supports higher resolution.

The M series gives better specs though at a higher price. It starts at $500 giving users a Smart TV with a 43-inch Ultra HD screen. If you wish to have a bigger screen at 50 inches, it will cost you $850 with Dolby Vision HDR to give a broader range of colours. At $1250, the screen becomes larger at 60 inches with the same 4K resolution and Dolby Vision HDR plus a 6-inch Android tablet.

If there is a higher budget, the P series of the Vizio Ultra HD TVs start at $1000. Added features to this line of televisions include Ultra-Color Spectrum, which is expected to provide better colours and shading. It also comes with advanced local dimming feature due to its 126 active LED Zones. This feature adjusts the screen’s backlight in order to adapt to the screen’s content.

SmartCast app by Vizio is a portable app that can be used by various display devices. It is installed on the mobile device or tablet and will enable users to look for new content across various smart TV apps.